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New Product Announcements at SLAS2018

Scores of new technology will make their debut at SLAS2018. Stop by these booths during SLAS2018 exhibit hours from Feb. 5-7 to see brand new life sciences innovation, interact with product developers, and learn how these breakthrough technologies can benefit your organization.

New Products at SLAS2018

Axion BioSystems — Booth 1844

Maestro Pro Maestro Edge
Maestro Pro and Edge are the world's most advanced microelectrode array (MEA) systems. With "one button setup," it's even easier to record heart and nerve cell activity in a dish.

BellBrook Labs — Booth 552

AptaFluor SAH Methyltransferase Assay
The new assay uses a naturally occurring aptamer that selectively binds with SAH, combined with a positive TR-FRET signal enable universal screening and profiling of methyltransferases with unparalleled sensitivity.

Susan: contact, John Chandler, j_chandler@technosoftmotion.com.

Censo Biotechnologies — Booth 1829

Human iPSC derived Microglia-like cells
We offer healthy and CNS disease sourced human iPSC lines, including gene edited lines, from which we can reproducibly supply human microglia-like cells for target validation and phenotypic assays.

Clippard — Booth 308

DV-P Proportional High Flow Electronic Valves
The compact DVP Series offers extremely high cycle life, fast response, linear flow gain, low hysteresis, low power consumption and flows over 60 L/min.

Coastal Genomics Inc. — Booth 1553

LightBench is a modular incarnation of Coastal Genomics’ award-winning Ranger Technology. It automates gel size selection, handles electrophoretic fragment analysis, and functions as a plate reader for fluorometric quantitation assays.

Columbia Biosciences — Booth 349

Cyclic AMP TR-FRET Detection Kit
This kit is designed to detect and quantitatively measure the amount of Cyclic-AMP present in cell based assay systems.

Covaris — Booth 432

AFA Revolution
The AFA Revolution is a robust scalable NGS platform with the capability of integration on deck with any liquid handler for a fully automated high throughput streamlined workflow significantly reducing processing time and tip usage.

CTK Biotech Corp. — Booth 301

ultraCHEMI Luminometer
CTK Biotech is launching our new ultraCHEMI Lumnometer. While extremely compact in size, it delivers powerful performance as a sensitive, luminescence microplate reader. It was developed and manufactured in the USA.

FORMULATRIX® — Booth 1335

The CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR System is a novel microfluidic platform that provides high-throughput absolute quantification of up to 5 target DNA or RNA molecules for EvaGreen or probe-based digital PCR applications: • Throughput - Run between 96 and 768 samples in a single run, • Speed - Process up to 192 samples per hour, • Full Walkaway Automation - One instrument from sample to quantification, • Flexibility - Select 8,000 or 36,000 partitions for various applications, • Familiar Sample Prep - Simply pipette samples and mastermix into a plate, • Power - Multiplex to quantify up to 5 nucleic acid targets per sample.

Gardner Denver Thomas — Booth 718

Liquid Diaphragm Pump
The Thomas 6410 liquid pumps transfer liquids smooth and bubble-free. They are reliable even with agrresive media and the optimal solution for in-vitro diagnostic analysis or automated endoscope reprocessors.

GoodPipetting.com Division of AutomationTrainer.com — Booth 1829

Good Liquid Handling- GLH™ Kit(s)
Good Liquid Handling- GLH™ Kit(s) are most reliable, efficient, easy to use, cost effective, flexible Volume Verification and Calibration do-it-yourself system for Automated Pipetting that includes software, service, and training.

HighRes Biosolutions – Booth 905

Prime is the only automated solution that combines cutting edge liquid handling, storage and robotics in a vertical oriented, mobile platform. It is both a liquid handler and an application-specific integrated system.

HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH — Booth 1740

mzr-Touch Control - Graphical user Interface for mzr-pumps
HNPM presents a new possibility to control micro annular gear pumps (mzr?-pumps) via a multilingual graphical user interface. This mzr-Touch Control is compatible for most mzr?-pump sizes and series. Dosage volumes from 0.25 ?l and flow rate ranges of 1 ?l/min to 288 ml/min can be indicated.

IMI Precision Engineering – Booth 444

Cadent 3 Syringe Pump
The only syringe pump capable of delivering fluid accurately at 8nL/min with adjustable flow rates upto 500mL/min, the Cadent 3 is modular, offering design and cost flexibility with a wide range of compatible valve and syringe types

INTEGRA Biosciences – Booth 1340

INTEGRA’s new ASSIST plus sample processor automates the full range of VIAFLO II and VOYAGER II multichannel pipettes, allowing hands free reformatting, duplicating microplates, reagent additions and serial dilutions.

iotaSciences – Booth 1829

Advance, automate and accelerate single-cell work using fluidic walls.

Lab Services BV – Booth 1521

PlateDispenser TC
Our popular PlateDispensers can now be equipped with a temperature control option. By using a cryostat for high precision thermoregulation, the PlateDispenser TC can maintain a temperature range from -20 to 100 Degrees Celsius! This, in addition with the proven technology of our PlateDispensers, makes for an excellent and efficient way to store plates in a thermal environment.

Micronic America – Booth 219

Micronic 1.00ml Tissue Storage Tube
The automation-friendly 1.00ml Tissue Tube is 2D coded and has a special wide and shallow design for the easy loading and removal of (biopsy) tissue samples, enabling efficiency and standardization in tissue biobanking.

Micronit Microtechnologies – Booth 304

Instant quote generator for your glass and polymer customized microfluidic chips. Focus on your research, while we create your chip. Miproto is compatible with the world’s most used microfluidic interface.

Miltenyi Biotec – Booth 321

MultiMACS X Cell Separator
Miltenyi Biotec invites you to join the official launch event of the MultiMACS™ X, the fully automated magnetic cell separator providing high-throughput isolations from large sample numbers or sample sizes.

Molecular Devices – Booth 405

SpectraMax® iD5 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
Five-mode hybrid microplate reader featuring near-field communication (NFC) technology for onboard touchscreen personalization and automatic filter identification. Expandable to include bottom-read luminescence, TR-FRET, BRET, dual injectors, and western blot detection.

NanoTemper Technologies, Inc. – Booth 1150

NT.Robotic Autosampler System
The NT.Robotic Autosampler together with the Prometheus NT.Plex provide fully automated screening capabilities for high throughput protein stability measurements. Make better decision with confidence.

PerkinElmer – Booth 828

chemagic™ Prime™ Instrument
The chemagic™ Prime™ instrument is a fully automated, LIMS-compatible solution for primary sample transfer, DNA and RNA isolation, optional normalization and the setup of PCR and NGS applications. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

NextPrep-Mag™ cfDNA Automated Isolation Kit
The NextPrep-Mag™ cfDNA Automated Isolation Kit offers a comprehensive, start-to-finish high-throughput solution that delivers the confidence of obtaining reliable, robust, and clean cfDNA yields from plasma/serum samples every time.

Protein Clear™ HR Assay
Protein Clear™ HR Assay with IntelliChip™ technology offers high-resolution protein purity assessment (percent purity, sizing, and sensitivity) with inter- and intra-run reproducibility for characterization, quality control, and commercialization of mAbs.

VICTOR Nivo™ Multimode Plate Reader
The VICTOR Nivo™ multimode plate reader is a versatile, high-performance benchtop system, both compact and lightweight, for everyday biochemical and cell-based assays, with a modern interface – perfect for multiuser environments.

Photometrics — Booth 1745

Prime BSI Scientific CMOS Camera
Delivering the ideal combination of speed, sensitivity and resolution, Prime BSI offers a unique combination of high QE and 6.5µm pixel size, and supports a wide range of bioimaging applications.

Sarstedt, Inc. — Booth 1805

IVARO Tube Handler XS
The IVARO Tube Handler XS is a modular system for automatically scanning, labeling, sorting, capping, decapping, weighing, and pipetting samples in small vials, screw cap micro tubes, and cryo tubes.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators – Booth 453

SMAC Micro Gripper
The SMAC MGR5 Series Micro Gripper is very light — around 30 grams — and can be used as an end effector on third party robots. The unit sells for less than $1,000, providing a reasonable cost for the solution.

Stemonix – Booth 435

microBrain 3D Assay Ready 384-Well Plates
microBrain® 3D Assay Ready 384-Well plates feature human iPSC-derived neural spheroids that present synchronous, quantifiable calcium oscillations. The plates are easily implemented for high-throughput screening in drug discovery and development.

Visikol Inc – Innovation AveNEW Booth – 1829

Visikol HISTO-M
Visikol HISTO-M is a tissue clearing technique that has been optimized for the high-throughput 3D visualization of 3D cell cultures, allowing for all cells to be characterized.

Xavo – Booth 1145

Xavo Professional Suite
Xavo Professional Suite is a new compound management software platform for the cloud as well as on-premise. It covers all activities from sample reception, storage to fulfilment of sample requests.

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